the Breakroom 2-24-99 - photos by John-

--- Showbox, Seattle, Wa 2-23-99 photographer-John

No.2 at the Showbox

--- Showbox, Seattle, Wa 2-23-99 photographer-John

--- Showbox, Seattle, Wa 2-23-99 photographer-Tiffany ---

I finally got a scanner so my page will be updated with new photos more often. Also, anyone that's planning to take photos of Elliott's upcoming shows. I would be more than happy to post them on my page. Please send them in .gif or .jpg format with the photographer's name and date/location of show. I would also like to trade tapes for recordings of any of Elliott's upcoming shows.




more live photos

bootlegs for trade

I took these photos at the yoyo a gogo in 1997, they were lost in a box for about a year.

Below are pictures from the instore at Tower records in Seattle on 9-10-98--photos taken by Bruce Purkey

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