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My collection of live tapes are not for sale,they are for trade.I will trade 1for1.-want list -Elliott Smith,BTS,CAT POWER, Suzanne Vega,, Grandaddy, Rebecca Gates

the Bangs

- Breakroom/Seattle 3-6-99

Ben Folds five

-Ben folds five demo


-Golden feelings demo


Tallahasee, Fl 5-30-97

-Troubadour/Hollywood ca 10-8-98

-Opera house bumbershoot/ Seattle 9-6-99

Nick Drake

-Tanworth in Arden-67-68/18 songs recorded in his home.

Death cab for cutie

crocodile cafe - 1-23-99

Bumbershoot/Seattle 9-6-99

Drive like Jehu

-Long Beach Ca.-1-11-92

Jeremy Enigk

-Kingcat theatre Seattle-6-27-96

-crybaby Seattle wa 8-1-97 vhs

-Crocodile cafe-Seattle-10-4-98

-Botanique, Begium - 5-28-98 45 min

-Black session, Paris - 11-4-97 45 min

-Monach/London,UK 1-26-98

-Redding festival -9-27-98 15 min

-melkweg Amsterdam feb 1998 2 songs

-Spaceland/LA 3-17-00

-Crocodile cafe /Seattle Wa 3-22-00

-GLR session

-Moore theatre Seattle Wa 11-12-00

-Grandaddy Demo "complex party come along theories"

my grandaddy page

764 HeroB>

WOW hall-Eugene or

George Harrison

-this is a tape of George playing various tracks for all things must pass, he is playing solo for Phil Specter..amazing tape

Green River
-2 songs from first demo-1984

John Lennon

John Lennon lost tapes-there are 32,I currently have 10. and they are for trade
Matt Keating

-middle east in Boston-?

Mary lou Lord
-Bumbershoot Seattle-9-7-98

the Melvins
-live at the Tropicana Olympia -1984

-songs from first demo/w first drummer-1983

- at the Central in Seattle-1-13-90

- at Legends in Tacoma-89 vhs

-3 songs live at the underground in Seattle-1988 vhs

my Nirvana story
-KAOS radio show-86?

-community world theatre,Tacoma wa-12-87

-live in hoquium wa-12-21-88-

-OFframp cafe,Seattle-11-25-90

-Hollywood underground Seattle-12-28-88

-Raymond party-87

-Denver Co, 10-1-89

-Annarbor, Mi 4-10-90

-Instore at the Beehive recordstore-91 vhs

-Dallas Texas-12-91

-Philly 89

-Evergreen vidios

-unknown show-looks like 91

-very good quality demos 88-90

-Legends in Tacoma-89-vhs

-Montage of heck in intirety

Liz Phair

-unshelved demos


-Laluna,Portland Or.-5-16-98

-Showbox, Seattle wa -9-16-98

-Roxy, L.A. ,9-23-98



-Kansas city-8-1-95

-Wash Dc-8-87

Elliott Smith
-Portland -9-17-94 A

-bottom of the hill S.F-3-6-95 B

-Laluna balcony, Portland or 3-22-96

-stinkweeds Tempe Az. 2-13-96 vhs

-winter 96 maxwells Hoboken Nj A

-Laluna 7/14/96

-Maxwells Hoboken NJ 7-16-96 A

-Gibsons/Tempe Ar 9-16-96

-Lucky three 10/96

- Fargo -3-31-97 B+ vhs,audio

-Terrace club, N.J.-4-12-97 b+

-stinkweeds Tempe az. 5-3-97 vhs

-Ej's Portland-5-15-97 B+

-yoyo a gogo capital theater Oly/wa7-15-97

-Champoeg state park 8-29-97

-Westbeth, NY-9-5-97

-Silverlake lounge 11-5-97

-Crocodile cafe Seattle wa-11-11-97 Upgrade complete show A

-La luna,Portland or 11-14-97 A

-Fez-New York Ny C-11-24-97

-Green st.grill cambridge ma-1-4-98 B

-Laluna Portland or.-1-14-98 B

-Spaceland/Silverlake Ca -2-26-98-

-Largo l.a-4-11-98 A

-Middle east, Cambridge ma -4-15-98 B

-Black cat, DC -4-17-98

-Showbox Seattle-5-14-98 B

-Studion Stockholm Sweden-6-2-98 A+

-Laluna Portland or.-5-16-98 A

-Troubadour L.A. CA -5-20-98

-L'Euopean,Paris FR 5-29-98

-Mekwag, Amsterdam 5-30-98

-the Garage London England 6-3-98 B

-the funnell bar/ Dublin Ireland 6-4-98

-XFM Radio/London 8-1-98

-Much music waltz#2 live +interv. and Miss misery vid.8-20-98

-Other music/ New York 10-4-98

-Strange Parallel-10-15-98

-GLR session- 9-1-98

-Mercer tower records instore Seattle-9-10-98 A

-Showbox Seattle-9-16-9 B

-Roxy L.A. CA -9-23-98 c-

-Brick by Brick, San Diego 9-24-98B-

- Interview on the Edge 102 Toronto Ont

-Tramps N.Y.C-10-4-98 B

- newberry comics Boston 10-5-98 B+ vhs

-Paradise Boston 10-5-98

-Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel-Providence 10-6-98

-Magic Stick/ Detroit 10-8-98

-400 bar Mpls Minn. 10-10-98 A

-400 bar Mpls Minn. 10-11-98 A

-SNL - waltz#2 10-17-98

-Key Arena Seattle 12-9-98

-Osaka FM 802/-1-12-99


-Showbox Seattle -2-23-99

-Breakroom Seattle -2-24-99

-Troubadour, La 3-6-99

-40 watt club/Athens Ga 3-18-99

-the Moore theatre /Seattle 11-12-00

-Heatmiser Demo

-Coming up roses video

Elliott Smith - Last call page

- capital theatre in Olympia wa-91

Sunny day real estate

-Bumbershoot in Seattle-9-7-98


-Seattle - Crocodile cafe - 11-17-98

Suzanne Vega

--Glastabay 89'


-early demo 92


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